To get Fast Streaming, you need:

  • To Watch live you need a PC or a MAC an up-to-date browser like Internet Explorer,Chrome, Firefox, or Safari with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.
  • Unused bandwidth. Your connection speed must be higher than the data rate of the content(300kbps) you are playing back to experience Fast Streaming. The faster your connection, the better your experience will be.
  • Recommended viewing on a 512 kbps or higher connection.

Next Live Schedule:

  • Date As per IST

    29th April,2014

    Start from 10:30 am in the moring & in Evening from 07:00pm to end of satsang
    30th April,2014 Madh Ka Bhog at 10:00am & In evening at 07:00pm to end of satsang
    1st May,2014 Bhog at 10:30am to the end of program


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